Essential Oils

Grapefruit Oil

Extracted from a “citrus tree” is an essential oil known as Grapefruit Oil. This oil is derived from a subtropical citrus tree belonging to the “Citrus paradisi” species within the plant kingdom.  Furthermore, this oil is obtained from the peel of a fruit known as “Grapefruit” using the process of “compression”. In addition, this fruit used to extract the oil is also scientifically known as “Citrus Racemosa” and “Citrus Maxima”.  It is also said to comprise of the same chemical components belonging to oils that have been extracted from other citrus fruits.

A. Chemical constituents of the Grapefruit Oil:

This oil basically has been derived from the peel of a citrus fruit belonging to the “Citrus paradisi” species within the plant kingdom. In addition, this oil also comprises of organic compounds such as Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Sabinene, Myrcene, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellal, Decyl Acetate, Neryl Acetate and Terpineol. However, it is Limonene and Myrcene that form that major constituents of this oil.

B. The uses and benefits of the Grapefruit Oil:

There are a few health benefits that can one can acquire on using this oil. However, one should also consider the adverse reactions or side effects reported from its use:

1. Diuretic:

This oil comprises of a curative property that enables the removal of waste material from the body such as kidney stone, excessive fat etc by stimulating the increase of urination, and thereby serves as a diuretic.

2. Appetizer:

This oil when used is also capable of inducing a good appetite, and thereby serves as an appetizer.

3. Antidepressant:

This oil also consists of a curative property that helps in inhibiting issues related to the central nervous system such as depression, and thereby serves as an antidepressant.

4. Antiseptic:

This oil also comprises of a medicinal property that helps inhibit the growth of microorganism, treat internal and external wounds, and thereby serve as an antiseptic.

5. Stimulant:

By promoting the normal secretion of hormones and enzymes this oil when used stimulates the body and mind, and thereby serves as a stimulant.

C. The adverse effects of the Grapefruit Oil:

There are a number of adverse effects that could occur while using this oil:

  1. The use of this oil could lead to skin irritation especially in individuals who have sensitive skin.

The usage of this oil may severely affect pregnancy, and thereby pregnant women must avoid using it.

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