Can Essential Oils Be Used To Cure Snoring?

In the alternative medicine world,  Essential Oils have proven to be extremely useful in the treatment of large number of ailments. However, according to a scientific research undertaken in the United Kingdom in 2004, snoring can apparently be cured using this oil. Now, you might wonder whether this study is really valid or not. So, here is presenting relevant facts about the test conducted on people who snore, which hopefully shall help you answer the million dollar question ‘Can these Aromatic Oils Be Used To Cure Snoring?’.

Essential oils
Essential oils

a.  The scientific study undertaken to study the effect of Essential Oils on Snoring:

It was in 2004, that a scientific study was undertaken at the  ‘Royal Shrewsbury Hospital’ in England to study the effect of the use of aromatic oils on snoring. For this experiment first and foremost, about 140 individuals suffering from snoring was first selected from various clinics. They were then asked to consume either a gargle mixture and spray comprising of thyme, lavender, lemon, and peppermint oils. Apparently, the subjects were asked to gargle using this mixture for about 3 minutes before going to bed. Then then the subject and his/her partner were called back 14 days later to hospital, so as to fill the questionnaire. On reviewing the questionnaires of the subjects, it was found that the use of these aromatic oils definitely suppressed snoring.

b. The Findings of the study, what does it say about the effect of Essential Oils on Snoring:

Statistically speaking, it was found that about 82% of the subjects who had used spray felt that their snoring reduced while, only 71% of the subjects who consumed the gargle reported a reduction. Furthermore, this study also illustrated that aromatic oil has an effect to soft palate and the pharynx of the snorer. In addition, researchers also suggest that an essential oil possesses an ability to increase flow of the blood  to the soft palate. It is this blood flowing into the palate causes it to stiffen, and thereby reduces snoring.

And so, it  is obvious from the findings of the study that ‘Essential Oils’ can definitely be  used as an alternative option to treat a nuisance called ‘SNORING’.

Image Credits: Wikipedia and Pixabay

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