Can the use of Essential oils prevent Antibiotic Resistance?

The use of essential oils these day has become an integral part of alternative medicine these days. Now, these oils are being increasingly used for many health related issues. One such global health issue that they are being used for, is Antibiotic Resistance. The question then to be asked is, can the use of essential oil help prevent antibiotic resistance? So, here is presenting a few facts that will help explain how the use of essential oils can prevent resistance to antibiotic.

essential oils
Essential oils, a key tool used in aromatherapy

a. Studies suggesting the effectiveness of essential oils in preventing Antibiotic Resistance:

It was in the year 2011, that a study was undertaken in Italy which stated that a mixture of thyme and clove essential oil can prove to be more effective than antibiotics in treating bacterial infections such as vaginosis. In addition, yet another 2013 study published in the  “Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine also suggested that bacterial infections can be treated much quicker by using tree tea oil rather than antibiotics. And so, from studies mentioned above it is clear that by using essential oils and avoiding antibiotics we can completely eradicate the serious issue of “Antibiotic Resistance”.

b. Research conducted by the Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research on Antibiotic Resistance:

In December of 2013, a research study undertaken by “The Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research” also clearly indicated that the use of lemongrass oil helped reduce MRSA (Multi Resistant Staphylcoccus Aureus) infections. It is therefore result obtained from studies such as these which further prove that using essential oil and eliminating the use of antibiotics eventually will lead to reduction in Antibiotic Resistance.

c. The “Abuse” of antibiotic drugs and its direct relation to increase in Antibiotic Resistance: 

Over the years in the field of medicine doctors have completely become dependent on the use of antibiotics. And so, it is this “abuse” of antibiotics that has led to drug resistance issues all over the globe. In fact, such is the level overuse that even for mild health issues such as cold, cough, flu, or common bacterial infections which normally would be cleared up by our system itself, we are given antibiotics as a part of diagnosis. However, the development of alternative medicine these days which includes the use of essential oil (aromatherapy), has ensured that the growing global  threat of “Antibiotic Resistance”shall gradually be eradicated.

d. The “benefit” of using essential oils over antibiotics and the direct link to Antibiotic Resistance:

Antibiotics when used functions by completely destroying microbes that are even useful to the human body. In addition, when used repeatedly they also create an issue known as “resistance”. On the other hand, essential oils when used do not destroy the useful microbes in the body. Furthermore, it also when used does not create any resistance issues. Therefore, they only way out to eliminate the global health threat of “Antibiotic Resistance” is to increase the use of alternative medicine options such as essential oils.

According to the former director of World Health Organization Dr. Margaret Chan “The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis”. And so, to eradicate this serious issue as soon as possible one of the best solution available at the moment seems to be the use of “Essential oils”, which forms an integral of aromatherapy.

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