Why is the Chamomile Oil effective in the treatment of Cancer?

These days, the use of essential oils, a major part of aromatherapy, has rapidly gained popularity all around the globe. Now, many of these aromatic oils exhibit medicinal properties that are capable of treating varied serious ailments such as depression, spasms, inflammations, anxiety etc. One such oil known as Chamomile when used supposedly proves to be extremely useful in the treatment of breast cancer and a few other types. Apparently, according to a study this oil is capable of killing about 93% of breast cancer cells. So, here is presenting a few facts that will explain why the Chamomile Oil is so effective against cancer.

chamomile oil
Chamomile oil, effective in fighting Cancer

a. The presence of “antibacterial” potency in the Chamomile Oil:

A research study was undertaken in China on ten essential oils including Chamomile in order to study the effectiveness of the antibacterial property exhibited by each one of them. Furthermore, an in vitro toxicology study against three  human cancer cell lines that included MCF-7 breast cell line, A-549 lung cancer cell line, and PC-3 prostate cancer cell line was also conducted. Now, during this study the three cancer cell lines were exposed to increasing concentrations of the all the 10 oils. The results acquired from this experiment indicated that, more the concentration of essential oil used the more the cancerous cells were killed. In other words, the higher the concentration of Chamomile Oil used, the more the cancer cells are destroyed.

b. The presence of “cytotoxicity” in the Chamomile Oil: 

The findings obtained in the study undertaken by this Chinese Research group also showed that at a concentration of 0.2 percent all the 9 essential oils including Chamomile exhibited powerful cytotoxic properties. This cytotoxicity shown by all the aromatic oils was mainly against PC-3 prostate cancer cells and A-549 lung cancer cells. However, with regards to the MCF-7 breast cancer cell it was “Chamomile Oil” along a few others such as cinnamon, thyme, and jasmine that proved to be extremely effective. In fact, about 93% of the MCF-7 breast cancer cells were supposed to have been destroyed by the use of Chamomile essential oil. Furthermore, with regards to the fraction of viable cells available, this oil when used reduced it to about 6.93%.

And thus, it is simply due to the fact that Chamomile Oil possess potent “antibacterial” and “cytotoxicity” properties ,which makes it an ideal aromatic oil that can be used in the treatment of the dreaded disease beginning with the letter “C” known as “Cancer”.

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