Will Essential Oils Ever Replace Antibiotics?

In the alternative medicine world, the use of Essential Oils in the treatment of numerous ailments has rapidly grown. On the other hand, with regards to traditional medicine the over dependence or overuse of antibiotics has led to issues pertaining resistance. Now, scientific studies have found that the use of aromatic oils could be the definitive solution to the growing problem called ‘Antibiotic Resistance’.  So, the question then that you will want to ask is, will these aromatic oil ever replace antibiotic usage? Here is then presenting to you an analytical feature article filled with facts that shall illustrate whether or not antibiotics shall ever be replaced by these oils used in aromatherapy.

Essential oils
Essential oils

a. Antibiotic Resistance a problem, and Why is Essential Oils the solution?

Overuse or over dependence on any chemical substance in life leads to some harmful effects. and this what has exactly happened over the years in human society with regards to antibiotics and its usage. In fact, the continuous use of antibiotic in the humans as well as animals has resulted in the development of a serious health related to issue known as ‘Resistance’. Furthermore, in this issue the body of the human or animal tends to become less effective the more an antibiotic is used. In addition, the infectious agent (bacteria) that is not killed by the medication also develops resistance. However, the worst feature of drug resistance bacteria is that many them can be found on biofilms, a slimy thin surface substance formed mainly on medical devices such as implants. Now, traditionally to remove such films an antibiotic was mainly used, which in turn would exacerbate resistance. It is therefore to avoid increasing the issue of drug resistance, that a solution was found in the form of aromatic oils usage. These oils when used enabled the destruction of  a biofilm without adding to increase in resistance.

b. Essential Oils, the modified version of an Antibiotic:

A few recent studies clearly indicate that Essential Oils when not only effectively destroys bacteria but also, is not prone to inducing drug resistance. For example, a finding states that blend of oils can help keep salmonella from spreading between animals. It was also found that when oregano oil was used on chicken it reduced its mortality rate by ascites (an infection in poultry) by an incredible 59%.  These facts clearly indicating that in today’s highly antibiotic resistant environment the use of aromatic oils could become the solution that researchers have been seeking for years.

And so, it is obvious from facts mentioned above, that although Essential Oils certainly seems to be a solution to antibiotic resistance. However, the million dollar as to whether or not it will replace antibiotics will remain answered, for some time at least.

Image Credits: Healthline  and Off The Grid

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