Essential Oils

Fennel Seed Oil

Derived from a plant belonging to the “carrot” family is an essential oil known as Fennel Seed Oil. This oil is extracted from a perennial herb belonging to the “Foeniculum vulgare” species in the plant kingdom. Furthermore, this oil is extremely aromatic, and hence is commonly used as flavouring agent in food. In addition, this oil is obtained from crushed fennel seed using the “steam distillation” process.

A. Chemical constituents of Fennel Seed Oil:

The oil is extracted from seeds of a plant that belongs to the “Foeniculum vulgare” species in the plant kingdom. In addition, this oil mainly comprises of an organic compound called Foeniculoside which basically is a glucoside.

B. The uses and benefits of Fennel Seed Oil:

There are a number of benefits to using this essential oil. However, one should also consider the adverse reactions or side effects reported from its use:

1. Antiseptic:

This oil when used is capable of treating internal and external wounds by destroying disease causing microorganism.

2. Antispasmodic:

This oil also possesses a curative property that helps in relieving spasms in the muscles, respiratory tract, intestines, or nerves, and thereby serves as an antispasmodic.

3. Digestive:

This oil when used is also capable of maintaining a healthy digestive system by enabling good intestinal peristaltic movements.

4. Carminative:

When used this oil is also capable of resolving the issue of gas formation i.e. flatulence within the GI system, and thereby serving as a carminative.

5. Diuretic:

This oil also consists of a “diuretic” property which enables the removal of waste products such as kidney stone, excessive fat from the body by stimulating urination.

C. The adverse effects of Fennel seed Oil:

There are a number of adverse effects that may occur when this oil is used. They are as follows:

  1. This oil when used can severely damage pregnancy, and hence pregnant women must avoid using it. In addition, this oil is also harmful to women with breast and uterine cancer.

This oil when used in a large dose can elicit a narcotic effect in an individual resulting in symptoms such as convulsions, hallucinations, and mental imbalance.

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