How do essential oils help in reliving anxiety?

In today’s world where “stress” has become a part and parcel of regular life, it is important for an individual to find a way to get rid of anxiety issues. Now, with regards to the medical field there are a few techniques that can be used to relieve anxiety. However, it is “essential oils” an integral component of “aromatherapy”, a form of alternative medicine that is commonly used these days to treat anxiety related issues. The pertinent question then to be asked is, how exactly do these aromatic oils help in reliving anxiety? And so, here is presenting a few facts that will explain how essential oils when used helps in resolving anxiousness in an individual.

essential oils
Essential oils

a. “Body Detoxification” and its close links to the use of essential oils: 

“It helps detox the body” explained Carla Cohen to “The New Yorker Magazine” in an article published in the October 9th 2017 issue about the use of essential oils. And so, what the above quote basically means is, that these oils when used helps eliminating all toxins that are stored in the body, exerts a soothing effect on the mind, and also ensures it remains calm and clear. It is this “clarity and calmness” that these oils exude on the human mind that eventually helps in getting rid of anxiety.

b. Suppression of “depression” and a “Peaceful” feeling exerted when essential oils used:  

In today’s highly competitive world, it is high stress levels that has led to an increase in anxiety levels in human beings, which has eventually led to serious cases of depression in many individuals. For example, famous international model Miranda Kerr after a much highly publicized break up with Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom apparently went into depression. It was thus to cure this disturbed mental state of mind that Kerr began using essential oils, which more importantly proved very effective. Furthermore, the renowned pop singer Kesha has also admitted to using these aromatic oils, and has claimed that consuming it has made her feel extremely “peaceful” and less anxious.

c. The use of essential oils and its direct association to the concept of “Wellness”: 

The concept of living a “healthy and fulfilling” referred to as “Wellness”has become extremely popular all over the globe today. This intriguing idea of Wellness involves the use of meditation, of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, as well as of essential oils. In fact, many herbal specialists are fearful about traditional health issues such as “antibiotic resistance” and “emerging viruses”, and hence prefer showing faith in alternative methods such as use of these aromatic oils. Furthermore, the growing presence of these oils in drug stores these days only indicates that more people are using it as a serious alternate form of medicine to relieve issues such as “anxiety” and many others linked to it rather than just as a “lifestyle” indulgence.

d. The “Religious” connection to the use of essential oils:

Due to the fact that many essential oils have been mentioned in the “Bible” many users (religious) have shown more faith in “aromatherapy” (i.e. alternative medicine) than in the use of the traditional healthcare system. The development of technology in the form of a number of “Wellness focused websites” which explain in details the benefits derived from aromatic oils used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine system) for dealing with issues such as “anxiety”, has also encouraged mainly “spiritually” inclined individuals to prefer it over the use of what can be termed as “conventional” medicine.

With the use of essential oils as a part of “aromatherapy” growing in terms of the numbers of consumers each day all over the world especially in curing common health issues such as “anxiety”.  It remains to be seen whether or not the popularity of these oils filled with aroma remains or is replaced by some other new discovery made in medical science, since “Change” is said to be the “only constant in life”.


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