3 Best Essential Oils For “Hormonal Balance”

Hormones are signaling molecules that play a major role in regulating activities that occur in the body such as digestion, respiration, metabolism etc. Now, since hormones serve basically as a “body regulator”, it becomes important that a “hormonal balance” is maintained.  And the best way to maintain the balance of hormones such as progesterone, estrogen etc within the body is by using “essential oils”. So, here is presenting a list of “3 essential oils” used in “aromatherapy” that help in maintaining “hormonal balance” within the human body.

a. Clary Sage Oil:

Derived from the herb known as “Clary Sage”, this oil when used helps in maintaining “hormonal balance” within the body. According to results of a study published in the “Journal of Phytotherapy Research” in 2014, it was found that this oil when used helped improve the levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) by reducing “cortisol” levels in the body. In addition, this study also found that when used, this oil by significantly reducing cortisol levels exerted an “anti-depressant” effect, thus improving the overall mood of the individual. This oil usage also helps in balancing the production of hormones such as estrogen in the body.

b. Thyme Oil:

Obtained from the herb belonging to the “Thymus vulgaris” species within the plant kingdom, this oil is said to possess a property that enables the balancing of the progesterone hormone within the body. According to research conducted, this oil when used helps in increasing progesterone levels in both males and females. Furthermore, by stimulating the increase in progesterone this oil helps prevent serious health issues such as infertility and depression.

c. Sandalwood Oil:

Extracted from trees belonging to the “Santalum” genus in the plant kingdom, this oil is renowned for maintaining the balance of “testosterone” hormone in both males as well as females. Furthermore, when used this oil helps stimulate increase in “testosterone” levels especially in males possessing low libido. This oil can best be administered within individuals possessing low levels of testosterone by using it as an additive in deodorants or lotions made at home.

And so in conclusion, it would be fair to state that the three essential oils mentioned above are the best options available in “aromatherapy” for all those individuals in need of “testosterone stimulation”.

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