5 Benefits of using “Marjoram Oil”

In the field of “aromatherapy” there are a number of essential oils comprising of varied medicinal properties.  One such oil commonly used is known as Marjoram. This oil is extracted from the leaves of a perennial herb belonging to the “Origanum majorana” species. Furthermore, this oil comprises of a number of medicinal properties that are beneficial to health. So, here is presenting “5” major benefits that one can gain by using “Marjoram Oil”.

a. Analgesic:

This oil when used helps in reducing pain caused by headaches, sprains, colds and thereby serves as an analgesic.  In addition, on using this oil unlike other analgesics there are no adverse side effects involved. Furthermore, this oil can also be used to relieve pain from overexertion of muscles as well as from toothaches.

b. Antispasmodic:

This oil functions by “inhibiting spasms”, and thereby serves as an antispasmodic. Furthermore, when used it helps in relieving spasms from the respiratory system, intestines, and muscular spasms in the limbs. In addition, this oil also helps in resolving conditions such as spasmodic cholera, convulsions, pulled muscles, and cramps.

c. Antiviral:

This oil when used exhibits a strong “antiviral” property. So it helps in inhibiting the growth of viruses by enabling the prevention of viral infections such as common cold, influenza, mumps, measles, and even pox.

d. Antiseptic:

This oil when used helps in the treatment of internal and external wounds by enabling the destruction of disease causing microbes, and thus serving as an antiseptic. In addition, it basically helps in   protecting the wounds from conditions such as sepsis and tetanus.

e. Antibacterial:

This oil helps in the destruction of bacteria when used, and serves as an antibacterial. Furthermore, this oil helps in preventing bacterial infections causing food poisoning, typhoid, malaria etc. In addition, it also helps in preventing infections affecting systems such as the digestive and urinary.

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