5 Essential Oils Used For “Arthritis”

Arthritis is a disease which causes “swelling and excruciating pain” in and around the joints of human. Now, there are several techniques in medical sciences that can be used in treating this painful disease. One such method/technique that can be used in treatment is known as “aromatherapy”, popularly used in the field of alternative medicine. Furthermore, aromatherapy is a form of medical science that basically involves the use of a number of essential oils. There are a number of them when used prove to be extremely effective against arthritis. So here is presenting a list of “5” essential oils that are extremely effective against “arthritis”.

a. Ginger Oil:

Extracted from the rhizome of a flowering plant, this oil is said to be an extremely effective healing agent. Furthermore, it is said to possess “analgesic and ant-inflammatory properties”, and hence is extremely effective in suppressing pain caused by arthritis. According to a study conducted by the “University of Miami”, in which this oil was used on individuals suffering osteoarthritis of the knee, it was found that this oil suppressed arthritic pain very effectively. Thus, this study concluded that this oil could replace the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) generally used in suppressing pain caused by arthritis.

b. Turmeric Oil:

Derived from a “rhizomatous perennial herb” belonging to the “Curcuma longa” species this oil is considered to be highly effective in suppressing pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Apparently, a study conducted in Japan showed that this oil possessed a natural occurring protein known as IL-6 (i.e. interlukin) that helps suppressing the pain and inflammation produced by Rheumatoid arthritis.

c. Frankincense Oil:

Obtained from “Olibanum” trees belonging to the “Boswellia Carteri” species, this oil when used is known to suppress inflammation caused by arthritis. Furthermore, it functions by inhibiting the production of inflammatory molecules that is closely linked to arthritis.  In addition, this oil helps in preventing the breakdown of cartilage tissue, which eventually helps in suppressing inflammation caused by arthritis.

d. Myrrh Oil:

Extracted from the resin of the “Myrrh” plant this oil is known to possess ant-inflammatory that proves to be useful in treating arthritis. According to a study report published in “Scientific Reports” this oil is extremely effective against arthritis. Furthermore, this study report also showed that this oil when used helps in suppressing the inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis.

e. Orange Oil:

Derived from the “peels” of a fruit belonging to the “citrus” family this oil possesses an extremely strong “anti-inflammatory” property that helps in suppressing pain caused by arthritis. According to a 2009 study published in the “European Journal of Medical Research” it was found that this oil possessed an “antioxidant” property which in turn when used helps in suppressing arthritis.

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