Essential Oils


Derived from a tree known as “Myroxylon” popular mainly in Central America (El Salvador) is an essential oil known as Balsam of Peru. This essential oil is derived from a balsam (i.e. a resinous substance that is secreted from a tree). Furthermore, this essential oil is deep brown in colour, and is slightly pungent (similar to clove) in odour. In addition, Balsam of Peru blends beautifully with oils such as cinnamon and vanilla.

A. Chemical constituents of the Balsam of Peru Oil:

The Balsam of Peru is derived from a tree called Myroxylon belonging to a species called “Myroxylon Balsamum”. In addition, it also comprises of compounds such as benzyl benzoate, benzoic acid, cinnamic acid alcohol, aldehyde, farnesol, and nerolidol.

B. The uses/benefits of the Balsam of Peru Oil:

There are certain “benefits” that an individual can experience while using the Balsam of Peru oil. These benefits are as follows:

  1. Antiseptic: This oil comprises of “antiseptic” properties and thereby helps in destroying disease causing germs and bacteria.
  2. Expectorant: This oil also comprises of “expectorant” properties that helps in clearing up chest/lung congestion related issues.
  3. Diuretic: This oil basically consists of “diuretic” properties and helps flushing out toxins, kidney stones, excessive water, and fat from the body.
  4. Dental hygiene: This oil with its pleasant “aroma and taste” helps in maintaining the overall dental hygiene by eliminating unwanted bacteria and germs.
  5. Hair health: This oil comprises of medicinal properties that enables the killing of the dead skin cells and cleansing of the hair scalp.

 C. The adverse effects of the Balsam Peru Oil:

There are a few adverse effects on using the Balsam Peru oil, and these effects are as follows:

  1. Using this oil could lead to possible allergic symptoms such as formation of blisters, watery eyes etc.
  2. It is advisable for those individuals suffering from a serious renal disease to avoid using this oil since it might worsen the condition.

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