Essential Oils

Davana Oil

It is from an aromatic herb that the essential oil known as Davana (Sanskrit name) has been extracted from. This oil is derived from an aromatic herb which belongs to the “Artemisia pallens” species within the plant kingdom. Furthermore, this oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of this small herb using a process known as “steam distillation”. This oil is also commonly used in the manufacturing of perfumes as a “flavouring agent”. In addition, this oil and plant is extremely popular in India, and has also been used for religious purposes.

A. Chemical constituents of Davana Oil:

This oil is basically extracted from a small herb known as “Davana” which belongs to a species known as “Artemisia pallens” within the plant kingdom. In addition, this oil consists of organic compounds such as Davanone, davan ether, davana furana, and linalool.  Furthermore, compounds such as methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, bicyclogermacrene, farnesol, 2-hydroxyisodavanone, geranyl acetate, sesquiterpene lactones, and germacranolides are also found in this oil.

B. The uses and benefits of Davana Oil:

There are a number of benefits involved in using this oil. However, one should also consider the adverse reactions or side effects reported from its use:

1. Antiviral:

This oil possesses a property which enables the destruction of viruses, and thereby serves as an antiviral agent.

2. Antiseptic:

When used this oil helps in destroying diseases causing microbes and enables the treatment of internal and external wounds, and thereby serves as an antiseptic.

3. Expectorant:

This oil consists of a property that helps in expelling out cough and phlegm formed from within the respiratory tract, and thereby serves as an expectorant.

4. Hypotensive:

This oil comprises of a curative property that enables the lowering of blood pressure level, and therefore serves as a hypotensive.

5. Emenagogue:

When used this oil also helps in maintaining normal periods in a woman by opening up blocked menstruation cycle.

C. The adverse effects of the Davana Oil:

There are a couple of adverse effects that may occur on using this oil. They are as follows:

  1. The use of this oil could lead to skin irritation especially in those individuals who have sensitive skin.

The use of this oil (like several others) can severely affect pregnancy, and thus pregnant women must avoid using it.

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