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What is Portable Aromatherapy, How does it benefit health?

In the field of alternative medicine today, a concept known as “Portable Aromatherapy” is in great demand. It is a well known fact that the use of essential oils has been an integral part of aromatherapy in general. The question then to be asked is, What exactly is Portable Aromatherapy? And so, here is presenting a few facts about this relatively new concept in alternative medicine which will hopefully provide you with the appropriate answers.

Essential Oil Diffusers
Essential Oil Diffusers, a tool of Portable Aromatherapy

a. What is Portable Aromatherapy? 

A form of alternative medicine which basically uses devices or techniques to facilitate the entry of the essential oil fragrance into the human body via an oral route is how Portable Aromatherapy can best be described as.

b. What does “Essential Oil Diffusers” exactly mean  in Portable Aromatherapy: 

“Techniques or devices” that are used in Portable Aromatherapy to fill the air that surrounds you with the desired aromatic fragrance of an essential oil are defined as Essential Oil diffusers. These instruments basically comprise of a mix of essential oil which is known as a “Blend”. In addition, these devices function by facilitating the burning of essential oil (extracted from organic plants) thereby creating fumes which then can be inhaled by an individual.

c. What are the different types of diffusers used in Portable Aromatherapy: 

There are number of techniques and devices that are used as a “diffuser” in Portable Aromatherapy. They are as follows:

  1. Steam diffusion.
  2. Candle diffusion.
  3. Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers.
  4. Lamp ring diffusers.
  5. Terracota and sandstone diffusers.
  6. Fan diffusers.
  7. Electronic heat diffusers.
  8. Essential oil nebulisers.

d. What are the types of blends used within the “diffusers” in Portable Aromatherapy: 

Blends comprising of a mixture of several  essential oils are used along with the “diffuser” and form an integral part of the Portable Aromatherapy. However, there are a few which are frequently used. They are as follows:

  1. Zen: Is essentially a unique blend of orange, frankincense and ylang-ylang essential oils. These oil are renowned for their sedative and anti-anxiety properties.
  2. Vibrant:  A mixture of citrus, lemon, ginger, spearmint essential oils is what this blend comprises of. These oils are known to improve memory, concentration, and also helps energize the body.
  3. Sleepy:  Lavender, lemongrass, and Valerian are the essential oils that are mixed to form this blend. The oils used in this blend are known for their sedative and sleep enhancing properties.
  4. Active: A powerful combination of black pepper, orange, and sage essential oils are mixed to produce this blend. The oils used in this blend are renowned for their energy boasting, and detoxification properties.
  5. Healthy: Is a type of blend that mixes cinnamon, marjoram, and turmeric essential oils together. The oils mixed in this blend is renowned for curative properties that enable the release of tension, muscle discomfort, and thereby help in treating digestive issues.
  6. Happy:  Fennel, Thyme, and Vanilla essential oils are mixed to create this blend. The oils used are known to have properties that improve concentration and increase confidence.
  7. Sexy:  The oils mixed to create this blend include jasmine, lime, and patchouli. These oils basically comprise of aphrodisiac properties.

e. How does Portable Aromatherapy benefit your health? 

There are a number of benefits to health that you can acquire by using Portable Aromatherapy. They are as                   follows:

1. Purification and humidification of air: 

It is by “purifying and humidifying” the air that surrounds that Portable Aromatherapy helps in improving                   your health So, if you use a diffuser that comprises of a blend of essential oils that kill germs then it facilitates               for a clean environment which eventually will lead to acquiring good health. Furthermore, a few oils such as                 thyme and clove are supposed to possess “antibiotic” properties therefore when used can prove to be effective               if you are suffering from an infection. In addition, it also helps in humidifying the air which would ensure                      that certain health issues such as skin irritation closely linked to dry skin is resolved at the earliest.

2. Helps in reliving pain, fatigue, and stress:

“Adaptgenic qualities” are what a few essential oils are known to possess. And so, when these oils are                              blended in a diffuser device they help resolve issues as varied as pain, fatigue, and stress. In fact, it can also                  prove to be useful in treatment of conditions such as headaches and muscle aches.

3. Helps improve sleep and provides relaxation: 

When used the diffuser device helps your mind relaxes instantaneously and thereby allows you to rest.                            Furthermore, if used for the whole night it also helps resolving any sleep issues that exist.

f. How does one select the right diffuser to be used in Portable Aromatherapy: 

There are couple of key points that you must keep in mind before selecting the appropriate diffuser. They                      are as follows:

1. The diffuser must be brand new: 

While you are buying a diffuser ensure that the product is completely brand new. Even though there are                        some e-commerce websites that provide for used devices that too at a relatively low cost. This is because                        a used diffuser could affect your health in the long term. In addition, used products do not come along                           with any guarantees or warranties and hence can never assure quality.

2. Ensure that the diffuser is brought from a reliable online source: 

As of today a majority of diffusers are sold online by manufacturers or dealers via online e-commerce                            websites. And hence, it becomes critical that the product is brought from a reliable site after having                                  undergone thorough in depth research.

3. Must seek advice about diffusers from those who possess knowledge: 

It is very possible that you may not have full knowledge about the diffuser as well as Portable                                            Aromatherapy in general. And so, it would be wise to take advice from those who have previously used                              this device or who have personal experience in Portable Aromatherapy, and then take the final decision before buying.

And so, for all those who intend to use essential oils in as direct a way as possible during the course of daily life, Portable Aromatherapy is a concept that they must use.

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